Are your parents bored and lonely at home? Engage them with these 6 activities

Are your parents bored and lonely at home? Engage them with these 6 activities

It is important to keep your parents mentally and physically charged for the sake of their well-being. Read on to know more.

Staying engaged is not just important for the younger lot, but even older adults. It not just keeps them physically fit, but also keeps a tab on their mental and emotional quotient. .

In cases where parents live away from their children, it becomes all the more important for them to engage in productive activities that can help them pass their time. This will definitely help them divert their attention from things that keep them worried all the time.

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Experts have also analyzed that those elderly adults who are active and enjoy their retirement time are healthier, and have better mental health than those who have nothing to do.

According to Dr Rahul Khemani, consultant psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, when older adults are engaged and active, they tend to be happier. They tend to experience more satisfaction and contentment in their lives.

As senior members of our society suffer from isolation and feelings of loneliness, a lack of support system can lead to increased anxiety and depression. It can even exacerbate dementia in some older people.

That’s why it is important to consider physical and mental activities for these older adults. It is also beneficial to incorporate these into their daily routines, especially in the long run.

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