Bangladesh Schools Reopen After 18-Month COVID Shutdown

bangladesh schools reopen after 18 month covid shutdown

Sumary of Bangladesh Schools Reopen After 18-Month COVID Shutdown:

  • “We are really excited to be back at school,” 15-year-old Muntasir Ahmed told AFP as he entered the campus.
  • ” Only 41% of Bangladesh’s 169 million population have smartphones, according to the country’s telecom operators’ association, which means millions of children cannot access online classes.
  • Even with smartphones, students in many of Bangladesh’s rural districts do not have the high-speed internet access usually required for e-learning.
  • Among children aged between six and 13 years, 42% said they had no access to remote learning.
  • “Their future is at stake,” Deepu Singh, a farmer in India’s Jharkhand state, said last week of his children ages 9 and 10. The pair have not been to school in a year and have no internet access at home, Singh told AFP, adding: “I do not know English.

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