Biden has a vaccination plan. These are the keys to the strategy

biden has a vaccination plan these are the keys to the strategy

Sumary of Biden has a vaccination plan. These are the keys to the strategy:

  • As part of an aggressive strategy to combat the spread of the delta variant, President Joe Biden announced on Thursday a six-point plan that will affect nearly every aspect of American society.
  • Expanding on his earlier initiative to vaccinate federal workers, Biden signed an executive order requiring all executive branch employees and federal contractors to be vaccinated, with no exceptions.
  • Biden said he intended to expand the vaccination mandate that refers to healthcare workers who care for Medicare and Medicaid patients in nursing homes with the intention that it applies to all other medical facilities, including hospitals and home care.
  • “The waiting time is over,” declared the president, estimating that the strategy could affect about 100 million Americans, or two-thirds of the workforce.
  • Facilitating Access to Booster Dose Biden said booster doses are critical to protecting vaccinated Americans from coronavirus.
  • The government has purchased the vaccines needed to give Americans a third booster dose, and said the federal government was “ready to administer them as soon as they are licensed.
  • ” It is not yet clear when these booster doses will be available to the public, and on Thursday Biden reiterated the government’s promise that he would not offer the additional doses until federal regulators gave their okay.
  • Last week, top health officials told the White House to stop a plan to offer booster doses of the coronavirus vaccine to the general public this month, saying their agencies needed more time to collect and review all pertinent information.
  • Keeping the virus out of schools Biden announced a series of measures aimed at preventing the coronavirus from spreading in schools and infecting children under 12 years of age, who are not yet of vaccination age.
  • Biden also said that about 300,000 teachers working in federally run school programs would be required to get vaccinated.

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