Biden touts safe school reopening in D.C.

biden touts safe school reopening in d c

Sumary of Biden touts safe school reopening in D.C.:

  • WASHINGTON — Introducing President Biden on Friday morning, Brookland Middle School eighth grader Elijah Poole admitted that he had struggled with remote learning throughout the 2020-21 school year.
  • “I’m not gonna lie, that was really hard,” said Poole, though he added that he persevered and managed to stay on the honor roll.
  • Studies have shown that remote learning during the coronavirus pandemic has led to educational loss and psychological harm for many children confined to “Zoom school.
  • ”Schools across the District of Columbia were closed for the vast majority of the last school year.
  • The same was true for schools in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and other districts across the country where teachers’ unions wielded significant political power and resisted reopening plans.
  • Now, however, students are back at Brookland, as they are at every other school in Washington, D.
  • Data so far suggests that schools have not become the sites of significant transmission, even in the face of the coronavirus’s more transmissible Delta variant.
  • President Biden visits Brookland Middle School to promote COVID-19 protection measures in Washington, D.

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