Blood cancer risk higher than expected in kids with Down syndrome


Sumary of Blood cancer risk higher than expected in kids with Down syndrome:

  • The risks of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)—a type of blood cancer—in children with Down syndrome is stronger than expected, according to a new study..
  • The study led by researchers from the University of Chicago, Davis Health and San Francisco, examined medical data of more than 3.9 million children born between 1996-2016 in seven US healthcare systems or in Ontario, Canada..
  • It showed that 2.8 per cent of children with Down syndrome were diagnosed with leukaemia, compared to 0.05 per cent of other children..
  • Compared to other children, kids with Down syndrome had a higher risk of AML before 5 years of age and a higher risk of acute lymphoid leukaemia (ALL) regardless of age..
  • For other children, AML incidence remained very low through 14 years, whereas ALL peaked at 3 years and steadily declined until 8 years..
  • Further, male children were more likely to be diagnosed with Down syndrome and more likely to develop leukaemia than their counterparts, revealed the findings published in The Journal of Paediatrics….

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