CEO of Covid antibody maker Vir Biotech says their treatment ‘stands up well’ to all var …

ceo of covid antibody maker vir biotech says their treatment stands up well to all variants

Sumary of CEO of Covid antibody maker Vir Biotech says their treatment ‘stands up well’ to all variants:

  • A monoclonal antibody Covid treatment from Vir Biotechnology and GlaxoSmithKline “stands up well” to all variants of the virus, Vir President and CEO George Scangos told CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on Wednesday.
  • Scangos’ comments came after the two companies announced contracts to sell $1 billion worth of their antibody, sotrovimab, to the U.S. government.
  • The Food and Drug Administration granted sotrovimab an emergency use authorization in May to treat up to moderate Covid infections in adults and children.
  • “It certainly is an effective antibody against Covid, but also against SARS, also against many other coronaviruses,” Scangos said.
  • Science Though Scangos said that the highly transmissible delta variant is “going to be with us for a while,” he added that sotrovimab could likely protect against new variants that emerge moving forward.
  • Future mutations could even be variants of delta itself, Scangos said, similar to the delta plus subvariant that officials in the U.K. started monitoring in a rising number of cases this fall.

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