Child victims also abused by their rescuers

child victims also abused by their rescuers

Sumary of Child victims also abused by their rescuers:

  • Human trafficking is the greatest evil that falls upon the poor, ignorant and vulnerable children that are groomed, lured and brainwashed by corrupt adults into believing that the high life of money, sex and drugs is the greatest trip they could have.
  • And pimps and human traffickers are patrolling Facebook, looking for vulnerable children to sell for sex abuse to pedophiles and child-sex predators.
  • The badly controlled Facebook is a grave danger to children and adults.
  • It and other internet platforms can lure them to the abuse of children and enable human trafficking.
  • They allow free passage of child sexual abuse materials by which the minds and hearts of children and adults are corrupted.
  • Child sexual abuse images entice the pedophiles to go out and sexually abuse children.
  • They don’t, and as a result, children are groomed and abused online and off it.
  • has said it has software that will detect child sexual abuse materials on its iPhones.

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