Children crying on Santa’s knee is the most embarrassing moment for parents, study finds

children crying on santas knee is the most embarrassing moment for parents study finds

Sumary of Children crying on Santa’s knee is the most embarrassing moment for parents, study finds:

  • Other cringeworthy events include – youngsters telling a relative they don’t like their present, asking them how much it cost, or opening the wrong gift..
  • The poll, of 2,000 parents, revealed 15 percent of youngsters told someone what their gift was before they had opened it and 12 percent cheekily ate all the chocolates from the Christmas tree..
  • A fifth of parents have embarrassing photos as a result of a trip to Santa grotto – with 38 percent of kids pulling off Santa beard and 35 percent running away..
  • And nearly one in five parents (18 percent) have been left mortified after their child wept during a visit to see Santa..
  • These moments have left 25 percent of mums and dads feeling apologetic, with 22 percent even saying sorry to Santa for something their child said or did while visiting a grotto..
  • The study was commissioned by Virgin Media, to celebrate the launch of its free virtual Santa Grotto experience, which is open for applications from today..
  • “Every parent will experience a cringeworthy moment due to their youngsters at some point and it seems Christmas is the season for it to happen..
  • “Visiting Santa at a grotto is always going to be a memorable experience for families, even more so if their children antics result in a Christmas calamity, with kids asking Santa cheeky questions or even pulling his beard off..
  • “With Christmas set to be very different this year, we want to make sure families don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Santa and we want to help them enjoy the magic of Christmas with our free, virtual Grotto -complete with real life reindeer.”.
  • The study also revealed the funniest and most unusual things children have asked Santa for, including a pony (13 percent), a new brother or sister (12 percent) and for it to be Christmas every day (10 percent)..
  • Youngsters are also keen to put Santa on the spot, with 11 percent asking how he will visit their house if they don’t have a chimney..
  • Other awkward questions parents have faced from their offspring this year include ‘will Santa be allowed in our house because of social distancing?’ (19 percent), ‘how is he going to travel due to restrictions?’ (16 percent) and ‘shall we leave hand sanitiser out?’ (12 percent)…

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