College students have lower rates of food insecurity than non-students

college students have lower rates of food insecurity than non students

Sumary of College students have lower rates of food insecurity than non-students:

  • Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.Nov 19 2020 College students are significantly less likely to be food insecure than non-students in the same age group, according to a new study from the University of Illinois..
  • has been widely reported in the media, and several studies found very high food insecurity rates among college students, sometimes up to 50 or 60%..
  • That did not make sense to those of us doing research on food insecurity, so I wanted to check those findings.”.
  • Gundersen, who conducts research on food insecurity measures, notes many of those studies used small, non-representative samples with low response rates..
  • “No matter how you look at it, college students have far lower rates of food insecurity than both non-college students of similar ages and the general population,”.
  • According to his study, 9.9% of full-time college students ages 18 to 25 are food insecure, compared to 16.8% for non-students of the same age group..
  • Gundersen found the same trend for 26- to 30-year-olds (where just 7% are full-time students) though the gap is smaller than for the younger age group..
  • Only for part-time students, especially in the 26- to 30-year old group, are food insecurity rates almost equivalent to those of non-students..
  • The overall trend was similar, but the difference was even starker ¬¬- 9.1% of students versus 18.4% of non-students were food insecure according to parent responses..
  • Related Stories The pattern holds true across demographic groups, except for disabled students, where the food insecurity rate is closer to that of non-students..
  • However, the problem is much more serious for non-students in the same age groups, and that has implications for food aid relief and intervention policies…

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