Abha Chaudhary

Etiquette is measured by one’s behaviour especially during times of crisis. When a crisis like the new coronavirus temporarily forces an overworked mankind into isolation and a screeching halt, it is time to go into a social and introspective quarantine. There’s been a sea change for all and sundry. How can one find peace amidst a cacophony of anxiety and pain. Almost every shade of life’s spectrum seems to have twisted and changed.

When hugging is criminal

There’s a new concept of ‘social distancing’ being propagated to us ndash; a community, which has thrived and prided itself on its love for people. But myths are falling by the wayside because a handshake and a hug are no more gestures of warmth and friendship, they are equivalent to social crimes now. France has discouraged cheek kissing and Germany has suspended shaking hands. Touching is a no-no.

Namaste it is!

In the age of social distancing, we need to learn new ways to say hello. Fortunately, there are other unique ways to greet someone that don’t require physical contact. Many cultures already greet without touching, as with a bow or nod of the head, but now’s a good time to widely adopt these ideas. The namaste is the new handshake.

The despair of 9/11 had taught the “man hug” to the world, and the coronavirus has introduced us to ‘air hugs’. Be creative with your greetings. Flash a peace sign.

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