Coronavirus live: South Africa regulator approves Pfizer jab for children 12 and over; masks could r …

coronavirus live south africa regulator approves pfizer jab for children 12 and over masks could return in england if cases surge in winter

Sumary of Coronavirus live: South Africa regulator approves Pfizer jab for children 12 and over; masks could return in England if cases surge in winter:

  • But he added the sooner Australia left behind what he called a “health police-state mindset” the better.
  • The New York Times (@nytimes) President Biden’s authority to mandate vaccines for 80 million American workers relies on a first-of-its-kind application of a 51-year-old law that grants the federal government the power to protect employees from “grave dangers” at the workplace.
  • co/9T7VOzgyoo September 11, 2021 South Africa’s health regulator has approved Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for use by children aged 12 and older, paving the way for the government to offer vaccinations to teenagers, Reuters reports.
  • The South African Health Products Authority said the decision came after a review of updated safety and efficacy information submitted in March.
  • The country’s vaccination campaign has ramped up with just over 12% of its more than 60 million people vaccinated.
  • Health insurers say vaccine hesitancy is now the main issue impacting the pace of the campaign and the government has launched efforts to persuade people to get the jab.
  • South Africa has a large youth population, with about 28% under the age of 15. Dr Stephanie Coen, assistant professor in health geography at Nottingham University, is eager to get back to teaching in person.
  • But this isn’t about personal choice, it is about public health.

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