Covid lockdown shows signs of working in England, expert says


Sumary of Covid lockdown shows signs of working in England, expert says:

  • There are early signs that England second lockdown is reducing Covid infection rates, a prominent scientist has said, cautioning that it is too soon to say how low they will be by early December..
  • The extent to which the current measures suppress the spread of the virus is likely to determine how tight restrictions will be after 2 December, when the lockdown is expected to end, and whether there is scope for any relaxation in restrictions around Christmas..
  • – graphic He said these trends could be attributed to lockdown measures, although cases were already slowing somewhat due to the effect of tier 3 restrictions in some parts of the country..
  • “The decision is a political one, but if we don’t want to see infection levels rebound from 3 December, my assessment is that measures between tier 2 and tier 3 will be necessary in the great majority of locations.”.
  • At present, data on infections in the community from a survey of randomly selected households, performed by the Office for National Statistics, is only available to 6 November and hence does not yet reveal the impact of lockdown..
  • “Looking at the data by day of specimen, we have only had one full week reported since the start of the lockdown,”.
  • “Given the speculation about a possible increase in social contact just prior to the lockdown, we need the data for this week before we start drawing conclusions.”.
  • According to a Guardian analysis of case numbers by sample date from the government figures up to 14 November, the only English regions where cases are falling week on week are the north-west and north-east and Yorkshire – a pattern that suggests the falls are probably a result of the tier 3 restrictions that were already in place before the national lockdown..
  • Quick guide What you can and can’t do in England’s national Covid lockdown Show Hide New national restrictions are due to come into effect in England on Thursday, after MPs vote on them, and remain in place at least until 2 December….

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