COVID vaccine weekly: sharing doses tops the G7 agenda


Sumary of COVID vaccine weekly: sharing doses tops the G7 agenda:

  • Forging an agreement to get vaccines fully distributed across the world by the end of 2022 will be a top priority at the forthcoming G7 summit, with the UK prime minister Boris Johnson due to formally set out this target when the heads of state meet in Cornwall..
  • To meet this target, the G7 countries need to begin distributing surplus vaccines immediately, says Steve Schifferes, honorary research fellow at City, University of London..
  • The UK health secretary has suggested that the UK may choose to vaccinate its children against COVID-19 before sending surplus doses elsewhere..
  • Children are a low-risk population when it comes to COVID-19, so much so that when weighing up the risks of the disease against the risk of the vaccines’ rare side-effects, it not wholly clear whether vaccinating kids is actually beneficial..
  • Peru has the highest COVID-19 death rate per head of population in the world – and it only vaccinated 4% of its people..
  • The Conversation, a not-for-profit group, works with a wide range of academics across its global network to produce evidence-based analysis and insights..
  • But there also another very good reason – which is the success of a country vaccination programme appears to underpin the speed of its economic recovery, writes Gulcin Ozkan, professor of finance at King College London..
  • The UK and the US currently have the highest projected economic growth rates among advanced economies – 7.2% and 6.9% respectively….

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