CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: NGOs playing key role in supporting SA’s pandemic response

cyril ramaphosa ngos playing key role in supporting sas pandemic response

Sumary of CYRIL RAMAPHOSA: NGOs playing key role in supporting SA’s pandemic response:

  • OPINION Dear Fellow South African,Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has tested our resolve as a nation and united us as a people, it has also illustrated once more that community-based and civil society organisations are the lifeblood of this country.
  • When government embarked on an extensive relief programme to support people in distress, community organisations partnered with us to make it happen.
  • Among other things, they helped to expand sheltering services for survivors of gender-based violence and kept community early childhood development centres running.
  • There were many local community kitchens that sprung up to deal with hunger, often supported by local volunteers, restaurant owners, supermarkets and farmers.
  • And while meeting vital community needs, these organisations are also creating jobs.
  • Through this fund, non-governmental, community-based and civil society organisations, as well as social enterprises, will be supported to create jobs while undertaking work that serves the common good and is not for profit.
  • This could include work that promotes food security, healthcare, education support, greening the environment, better public spaces, community safety and action against gender-based violence.
  • A total of R800 million has been allocated to the fund, which is being led by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and managed by the Industrial Development Corporation.

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