Dad’s bath mistake angers mum

dads bath mistake angers mum

Sumary of Dad’s bath mistake angers mum:

  • A woman has lashed out at a trend on TikTok that shows dads making parenting mistakes, saying it drives her “insane” for good reason.
  • A parenting expert has hit out at the ‘double standards’ she believes are in place for mums and dads when it comes to making ‘stupid’ parenting mistakes.
  • Explaining how people often find it funny when a dad has a parenting fail, Amber Wardell said people more harshly judge mums who make the same mistakes.
  • ”The parenting expert and CEO of online retailer Sensible Mama said she often sees videos where dads make minor parenting mistakes that everyone finds hilarious, pointing out people do not have the same reaction to mums making the same errors.
  • The parenting expert added that while she said this, she was loving towards her kids, giving them hugs and preparing snacks for them.

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