Delivery riders’ road to success

delivery riders road to success

Sumary of Delivery riders’ road to success:

  • The road to success is never easy but these two food delivery riders show that with grit and determination, they can reach their dreams.
  • Bernardo Paderan and Junifer Dimaano are two foodpande delivery riders who take to the streets every day in order to earn their livelihood.
  • Bernardo Paderan financed his studies by taking foodpanda deliveries;
  • Paderan – 31 years old and married with two children – had to stop schooling after high school because his parents could not support his studies.
  • Not too long after, he and his wife decided to invest in a motorcycle and he took on a job as a foodpanda rider in 2019.”I was able to manage my time better, kahit kayod pa din.
  • Finding flexibility in his working hours, Junifer Dimaano was able to juggle his food deliveries and his school requirements.
  • “Yung mga kaklase ko nung high school nakikita ko magaganda na ang buhay kasi nakapag tapos na sila,” he admitted, adding that immediately enrolled in a Hotel and Restaurant Management course at Access College after that realization.
  • He was already struggling to meet the tuition so he thought of applying as a foodpanda rider when he reached his third year in college.

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