Doubts raised over vaping’s safety claim

doubts raised over vapings safety claim

‘The first time I used it, I felt great,” confessed Ken who was only 13 years old when his older brother brought home vape pens.

Ken watched as his brother demonstrated how to use the gadgets, thinking they were “cool.” Not long after, the then eighth grader who did not even have prior experience with cigarette smoking was hooked on vaping.

“I felt I was being cool. I felt I was being trendy,” he said.

According to Ken, he vaped as much and as often as he could because he could use the gadget regardless of what he was doing.

“The smell was also more pleasant than tobacco, which was addicting. During that time, I thought that e-cigarettes didn’t have any bad effects on the body, so I didn’t have any concerns using it,” he added.

Ken had been vaping for a year when his brother, who was the one buying the vapes, lost his job. With no one to fund his vice, he, for a time, would occasionally borrow his friends’ vapes.

But soon, Ken realized vaping was not only bad for his health; it could also jeopardize his future after he attended an event where they talked about the risks of vaping.

“I decided to completely get rid of it,” he said.

Less harmful, but not safe

There is literature that says that vapes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But while this may be so, health professionals say that this does not make vapes and e-cigarettes safe.…

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