EastEnders actress Nina Wadia breaks silence over her 15-year-old child’s health

eastenders actress nina wadia breaks silence over her 15 year old childs health

Sumary of EastEnders actress Nina Wadia breaks silence over her 15-year-old child’s health:

  • He was immediately given insulin and felt better within hours.
  • As there was no family history of diabetes, Aidan’s consultant asked if he’d had a virus as this may have attacked his pancreas, killing off insulin-making cells.
  • Within three days and with his consultant’s blessing, Aidan began “working out his own carbs and injecting himself – you’d be surprised what a 10-year-old boy can do when he’s hungry!
  • Aidan was injecting insulin day 11 times a day and stopped eating snacks at school as there wasn’t time at break to inject, wait 20 minutes until he could eat, then get out to play.
  • After six months, Aidan started using the Omnipod, a wearable device that delivers insulin, and FreeStyle Libre, a glucose monitoring patch that’s available on the NHS. But he still needed finger prick tests to confirm his levels – something Nina realised really upset him.
  • “So I went to my friend Google and found out about the Dexcom G6.”This is a wearable sensor that transmits glucose levels directly to an app and touch screen receiver, with continuous glucose monitoring eliminating the need for finger prick tests.
  • With glucose levels being sent to Aidan’s phone and Nina’s watch, there was no rollercoaster ride of levels, and Aidan, now 14, is able to manage everything himself.
  • The family learned the importance of maximising ‘time in range’ – the percentage of time spent with glucose levels in target -and Aidan’s goal is 70 percent.

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