Editorial: Get set for funds, aid to ease away

editorial get set for funds aid to ease away

Sumary of Editorial: Get set for funds, aid to ease away:

  • There are ongoing programs and a new intervention for eviction proceedings.
  • There is also a new child tax benefit that, at least for now can provide some help along the way.
  • David Ige rightly allowed an extra week for tenants and landlords to secure federally funded assistance.
  • According to one estimate given during a Thursday news conference, 10,000 tenants in the state are behind on their rent.
  • This includes the weekly “plus-up” supplement of $300, the assistance for the self-employed financially hurt by the pandemic and the extended payments for those who have exhausted their benefits under the standard state unemployment insurance program.
  • The state Department of Human Services reported last week that thousands qualified for food-stamp benefits have failed to complete required paperwork and may not receive the aid.
  • Officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the benefit’s usual requirement for an eligibility review and another review every six months had been waived during the height of the pandemic to speed the aid being distributed.
  • Here again, government needs to work with social service agencies to do outreach and minimize the number of people who qualify but will lose assistance, at least temporarily.

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