Empowered teens less likely to commit sexual violence, bullying

empowered teens less likely to commit sexual violence bullying

Adolescents who feel personally empowered are less likely to bully, harass or commit acts of sexual violence, according to a study. The research also found that teens who think their friends support violence prevention and healthy relationships are less likely to mistreat their peers. “Coping mechanisms that help adolescents thrive and do well, even in the face of stress and adversity, are important to preventing interpersonal violence,” said the study. “This is an important finding, as studies of bullying typically examine risk factors rather than protective factors.” The findings suggest that bullying, harassment and sexual violence can be reduced when adolescents learn to cope with stress.

Where people live may influence their baby’s behaviour

Researchers claim that infants from rural families tend to display negative emotions such as anger and frustration more frequently than their urban counterparts, a finding that calls for better distribution of mental healthcare services in a country. According to the study, babies born in big cities are typically less fussy, and not as bothered by limits set by their caregivers compared to those not growing up in cities. The researchers found that urban moms tend to be better at picking up on when their babies wanted or needed something, or were ready to be done with play, and responding accordingly. The scientists believe this may have led to their infants generally being calmer and less easily upset.…

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