Families to save $2200 for childcare


Sumary of Families to save $2200 for childcare:

  • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has raised hopes childcare fee relief for larger families could be fast-tracked after blaming “IT”.
  • In a big spending budget that offers little in the way of budget savings to pay down the nation deficit, the Morrison Government has devoted another $1.7 billion to improving childcare affordability..
  • But it been slammed as too little, too late because it won’t deliver a dollar of relief for over a year with the policy starting in July, 2022..
  • “We have targeted our $1.7 billion commitment at families that have more than one child in childcare,’’ Mr Frydenberg..
  • But they will have to wait for over a year and vote in a federal election to qualify for relief which doesn’t come into force until July, 2022..
  • For wealthier families on high incomes the government will also abolish the $10,000 cap on childcare fee rebates which means parents will no longer face paying full fees towards the end of the year once they hit the maximum allowable rebate..
  • The news is even worse for parents with only one child – they will secure no fee relief under the plan that is geared towards taking the pressure off parents struggling with childcare fees for multiple children..
  • Early Childhood Australia CEO, Samantha Page has previously warned there no good reason for the government delaying relief for over a year..
  • “We are disappointed that changes are planned to come into effect in 2022, meaning many families currently using child care won’t have any relief,”.
  • Labor leader Anthony Albanese has also slammed the government for the delayed start date warning the Coalition had failed to fix childcare in nearly a decade in government…

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