Flights From Afghanistan Halted Due To Measles Cases On Board

flights from afghanistan halted due to measles cases on board

Sumary of Flights From Afghanistan Halted Due To Measles Cases On Board:

  • This past week, four people who recently arrived demonstrated signs and symptoms of measles, and were confirmed to have the virus and were placed under quarantine.
  • Doctor holding infant sick with measles getty Measles infections are one of the most contagious illnesses.
  • The virus can live for up to two hours in the air and on surfaces that have been in contact with an infected individual, and those infected can transmit it up to four days before and four days after symptoms and the rash develop.
  • In 1998, The Lancet published a falsified study led by Andrew Wakefield, claiming that a group of 12 children with gastrointestinal disorders and developmental delays developed worsening neurologic symptoms after receiving the MMR vaccine.
  • The Afghan government, in concert with the World Health Organization, Unicef, and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, launched a campaign to vaccinate 14 million Afghan children against measles in 2018. Prior to that, only 60% of Afghan children had received one vaccine in the two-part series against measles.
  • 399277 01: A child gets immunized for measles at the Mair Wais Maidan Health Clinic January 6, 2002 .

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