For South Sudan mothers, COVID-19 shook a fragile foundation

for south sudan mothers covid 19 shook a fragile foundation

Sumary of For South Sudan mothers, COVID-19 shook a fragile foundation:

  • The young mother of five children — all of them under age 10 — sometimes survives on one bowl of porridge a day, and her entire family is lucky to scrape together a single daily meal, even with much of the money Beda makes cleaning offices going toward food.
  • And even the land itself doesn’t guarantee solid footing, as climate change sparks flooding in swaths of the country.
  • Yet many women say it’s the pain of the pandemic they feel most — a slow-moving disaster, in contrast to the sudden trauma of war and its fallout of famine — as they try to hold families together in what is already one of the world’s most difficult places to raise children.
  • ___This story is part of a yearlong series on how the pandemic is impacting women in Africa, most acutely in the least developed countries.
  • AP’s series is funded by the European Journalism Centre’s European Development Journalism Grants program, which is supported by the Bill &
  • Girls barely in puberty were married off — one less person to feed as the family received money or cattle in return.
  • As a cleaner, she makes 16,000 South Sudanese pounds a month, or about $35. She earns additional money by making cupcakes to sell in her office building.
  • Drinkable water was delivered to their home, a relative luxury in a country where many women carry containers long distances from wells or rivers.

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