Four ways parents can help teens safely navigate Instagram

four ways parents can help teens safely navigate instagram

Sumary of Four ways parents can help teens safely navigate Instagram:

  • For many parents, revelations this week from whistleblower Frances Haugen showing internal Facebook studies of the harms of Instagram for teenagers only intensified concerns about the popular photo sharing app.
  • “The patterns that children establish as teenagers stay with them for the rest of their lives,” Haugen said in Senate testimony Tuesday.
  • Facebook whistleblower says platforms ‘harm children’ — and Zuckerberg is to blame “The kids who are bullied on Instagram, the bullying follows them home.
  • The last thing they see before they go to bed at night is someone being cruel to them,” Haugen said.
  • It’s because the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act went into effect in 2000 _ before today’s teenagers were even born (and when Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckberg was just a teen himself, for that matter).
  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp back online after widespread outage The goal was to protect kids’ online privacy by requiring websites and online services to disclose clear privacy policies and get parents’ consent before gathering personal information on their kids, among other things.
  • But times have changed, and online privacy is no longer the only concern when it comes to kids being online.
  • There’s bullying, harassment, and, as Facebook’s own research has shown, the risk of developing eating disorders, suicidal thoughts or worse.

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