Getting Kids Eyeglasses Boosts School Grades: Study

getting kids eyeglasses boosts school grades study

Sumary of Getting Kids Eyeglasses Boosts School Grades: Study:

  • 10, 2021 — New glasses are helping kids in Baltimore see more success in school.
  • “The glasses offered the biggest benefit to the very kids who needed it the most – the ones who were really struggling in school,” said Dr. Megan Collins, a pediatric ophthalmologist who is co-director of the Johns Hopkins Consortium for School-Based Health Solutions, in Baltimore.
  • “This collaborative project with Johns Hopkins, Baltimore City and its partners has major implications for advancing health and educational equity all across the country,” she added in a Hopkins news release.
  • A partnership of several organizations founded Vision for Baltimore in 2016 to address this issue.
  • In the partnership, the Baltimore health department conducts screenings.
  • The national nonprofit Vision To Learn performs eye exams, and Warby Parker donates the glasses.
  • “This is how you close gaps,” said lead author Amanda Neitzel, deputy director of evidence research at Johns Hopkins Center for Research and Reform in Education.

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