Haven Kids’ House there for Saskatchewan families barely hanging on

Haven Kids’ House there for Saskatchewan families barely hanging on

A non-profit organization in Saskatoon has new a new name, but its goal remains the same.

Haven Family Connections, formerly the Saskatoon Society for the Protection of Children, is striving to keep parents and children together in times of difficulty, hardship and emergency.

“When a family’s going through some trouble or they’re having trouble coping, sometimes postpartum, or there’s been a situation of violence and some families experiencing a situation of homelessness and the family needs a place for the kids to be while they’re working through those issues,” executive director Dionne Miazdyck-Shield said.

“Families bring their kids to us … that is something that I think is a huge honour to be on the receiving end of keeping that family safe and providing that support.”

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The organization believes in actively supporting families to stay together by reducing the need for child protective services and crisis intervention.

Immediate childcare is offered for kids aged zero to 12 years old so parents and caregivers can get through a crisis, struggle or emergency situations.

“At Haven Kids’ House, we have a 10-bed home and we run it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Miazdyck-Shield said.

“We provide crafts and games and good food and lots of care. And we just try and make sure that the kids experience it as a home away from home.…

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