Is dryness causing fish scale skin on your body? Know more from experts

is dryness causing fish scale skin on your body know more from experts

Sumary of Is dryness causing fish scale skin on your body? Know more from experts:

  • And if care is not taken for a long time, it can lead to fish like scales on the skin.
  • Ignoring it can even lead to extreme dryness, which may in turn lead to a condition called Ichthyosis vulgaris or fish scale skin problem.
  • During this season, many pre-existing skin conditions like dandruff and eczema can also get aggravated.
  • Dr Soumya Jagadeesan, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, Amrita Hospitals, Kochi, tells HealthShots, ”Extreme dryness of skin can be due to inherited or acquired causes and can be manifested as fish-like scales on the body, also called ichthyosis (ichthys =fish)”.
  • ” Know more about what causes ichthyosis, also known as the fish scale disease: Ichthyosis, also referred to as the fish scale disease or fish scale skin disease, is a type of skin disorder which you can acquire genetically at birth, few months after birth, or it can be acquired at a later age.
  • In adults, ichthyosis can occur because of a medical illness or in response to a medication and is called ‘acquired’ ichthyosis.
  • Jagadeesan adds, “People with extreme dry skin or ichthyosis may have issues related to overheating of the body, limited mobility, secondary bacterial infections etc.
  • The expert further shares that in adults, ichthyosis can be caused as a result of many other diseases like kidney failure, certain cancers, leprosy and HIV too.

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