Kate Middleton ‘breaks the norm’ in Royal Family to encourage ‘independence’ …

Kate Middleton 'breaks the norm' in Royal Family to encourage 'independence' of children

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, married Prince William in 2011. The royals have been praised for their “normal” parenting style over the years.

Kate and Prince William had their first child, Prince George, seven, in 2013.

They have since become the parents of Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

Prince George is third in line to the British throne and all of the children are likely to have important roles in the Royal Family.

However, they mostly stay out of the public eye which could be due to their young ages.

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When the family do appear out together, Kate has been praised for her parenting style.

The techniques she uses with her children are often different from what has been done by royals before, parenting expert and managing director at Kiddies Kingdom Mohammed Patel said.

He commented: “Kate and William have always shown an interest in mental health and wellbeing.

“Their honesty in talking about her own struggles is refreshing and, in some way, unheard of for the Royal Family.


“Kate never shies away from talking about uncomfortable topics and her parenting style reflects this, making sure she is as open and honest with her family as possible.

“Whilst it is important not to overwhelm children, instilling clear communication from a young age will help them feel confident and independent enough to make their own decisions.”

Since becoming a mother, Kate has spoken openly about parenting.

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