Kenya: Covid-19 Leaves a Trail of Destruction Amid Rising Death Toll

Sumary of Kenya: Covid-19 Leaves a Trail of Destruction Amid Rising Death Toll:

  • The shocking, but steep rise in fatalities also comes as the country’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds become unavailable, leaving little wriggle room for patients who urgently require this vital health service..
  • From politicians, health workers, and both private and public sector workers to businessmen, villagers and even children, the victims are not just part of the governments accounting for the dead..
  • From the confirmation of the first death in March 28, to the latest figure of 1,103 by yesterday evening, the Covid-19 fatalities are rapidly rising, as the public healthcare system sags at the pressure..
  • As of yesterday, 66 per cent of these deaths were those over 50 years, showing that the elderly, with underlying health conditions were deeply affected by this virus..
  • Dr Patrick Amoth, the acting Health Director-General said late last month, adding that there is need to reduce the number of people getting infected by adhering to the public health measures..
  • Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said mid this year, urging those with pre-existing conditions to take extra care during this global pandemic..
  • Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters Before Saturday, August 1, saw the country record the highest number of deaths at 23, followed by August 19 with nineteen fatalities recorded, the data from the Ministry of Health showed…

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