Kids 5 to 11 in London and Middlesex to start getting COVID-19 vaccines Friday

kids 5 to 11 in london and middlesex to start getting covid 19 vaccines friday

Sumary of Kids 5 to 11 in London and Middlesex to start getting COVID-19 vaccines Friday:

  • Pediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines have officially arrived in London, with doses starting to get into the arms of children between the ages of five and 11 starting Friday.
  • It was just last Friday that the pediatric Pfizer vaccine was approved by Health Canada for kids aged five to 11, and this Tuesday that appointments were opened up for that age group.
  • The dose for those aged five to 11 has a lower concentration of antigen, the part of the vaccine that increases the development of antibodies.
  • Since appointments were opened, the acting medical officer of health for the Middlesex London Health Unit reports more than 8,000 have been booked.
  • Summers said the health unit has gone to a lot of effort to make sure the vaccine experience is as friendly and enjoyable as it can be for little ones.
  • Middlesex London Health Unit reaches 90% vaccine milestone To help kids feel less afraid, Summers said they will be welcomed by the vaccine superhero and that posters and stickers will be put up to guide families to colourful vaccination pods.
  • Once they get vaccinated, Summers said kids will also get a colourful sticker for each vaccine dose.
  • “We are ready, we are excited, and tomorrow is a huge, awesome day for our health unit and our kids,” Summers said.

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