Longer duration diabetes, prediabetes increase heart failure risk

Sumary of Longer duration diabetes, prediabetes increase heart failure risk:

  • September 12, 2021 2 min read Source/Disclosures Published by: Source: Michos ED.
  • Back to Healio Diabetes duration, including prediabetes, is independently associated with risk for incident heart failure, with greater risks for women and Black adults, according to data presented at the Heart in Diabetes CME Conference.
  • even those with moderate elevation of LDL-cholesterol, if sustained over many years, will also experience, on average, an earlier onset of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk compared to someone with a similar magnitude of LDL-C elevation but for shorter duration of time,” Erin D.
  • “We found that individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes for longer periods of time were at greater risk for HF, and this is even after accounting for age and other risk factors, such as BMI, blood pressure, lipids, kidney function and concomitant coronary heart disease.
  • Echouffo Tcheugui, MD, PhD, MPhil, Michos and colleagues analyzed data from 9,734 adults without HF or coronary heart disease (mean age, 63 years;
  • Results were similar for incident heart failure with preserved or reduced ejection fraction, Michos said during her presentation.
  • “But in and of itself, prediabetes is an independent risk factor for heart failure.

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