Los Angeles School District Will Require Eligible Students Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19

los angeles school district will require eligible students get vaccinated against covid 19

Sumary of Los Angeles School District Will Require Eligible Students Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19:

  • ToplineThe Los Angeles Board of Education voted Thursday to require coronavirus vaccinations for eligible students in order to attend in-person classes, making it the first major school district in the U.S. to mandate the vaccine, and setting a precedent for other school districts in the nation to possibly do the same.
  • A student receives a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Los .
  • 30, 2021. Los Angeles Unified School District LAUSD began on Monday to deliver first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines for students age 12 and older and district employees.
  • (Photo by Xinhua via Getty Images) Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images Key Facts The Los Angeles Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of requiring students over the age of 12 to get vaccinated against coronavirus, with several board members arguing that it will keep coronavirus cases down in the school district.
  • The policy will also apply to charter schools students on co-located Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) school campuses.
  • LAUSD Interim Superintendent Megan Reilly introduced the proposal earlier this week, citing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that showed the hospitalization rate among unvaccinated teens was 10 times higher than for those who are fully vaccinated.
  • Big Number 7,784. That’s how many student Covid-19 cases have been identified in Los Angeles-area schools since August 15, the Los Angeles Department of Health said Thursday.
  • According to the Los Angeles Unified School District tracker, 3,255 students tested positive for Covid-19 between August 2 and August 15. Chief Critic Some parents who spoke at the board meeting argued they should have the power to decide whether to get their children vaccinated.

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