National Epilepsy Day 2021: What Is Status Epilepticus? Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatments

national epilepsy day 2021 what is status epilepticus causes symptoms diagnosis and treatments

Sumary of National Epilepsy Day 2021: What Is Status Epilepticus? Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatments:

  • Disorders Cure oi-Shivangi Karn on November 17, 2021 Every year on 17 November, National Epilepsy Day is celebrated to raise awareness about epilepsy and how to deal with ‘seizures’ associated with the condition.
  • According to the Official Journal Of Indian Academy Of Neurology, India has more than 10 million individuals suffering from epilepsy and its prevalence is higher in rural areas compared to urban areas.
  • [1] Status epilepticus is one of the severe types of epilepsy and a medical emergency.
  • According to a definition by the American Epilepsy Society Working Group, status epilepticus is defined as a seizure lasting for more than 30 minutes or repetition of seizure for two or more times without enough recovery of consciousness between the attacks.
  • [3] Causes Of Status Epilepticus According to a study, status epilepticus commonly occurs in patients with a history of epilepsy.
  • In people, without a history of epilepsy, the cause may vary significantly by age.
  • For example, in adults, the primary cause of status epilepticus could be a tumour, stroke, alcohol withdrawal, meningoencephalitis and hypoxic-ischemic injury (brain injury due to oxygen deprivation).
  • In children, the cause can be infection of the central nervous system, trauma and anoxic injury.

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