Nigeria: Nigeria – the Infamous 1996 Pfizer Trial Driving Anti-Vax Feelings Today

nigeria nigeria the infamous 1996 pfizer trial driving anti vax feelings today

Sumary of Nigeria: Nigeria – the Infamous 1996 Pfizer Trial Driving Anti-Vax Feelings Today:

  • There was a white nurse who was in a brown skirt and green blouse, who directed the Nigerian nurse to give him three injections at a time and he did exactly that while my son was on my shoulders,” says Hajiya Maryam*, speaking in Hausa.
  • The aftermath of Pfizer’s drug trial in 1996 is linked to the current COVID-19 vaccination boycott in communities within Kano State.
  • By March of that year, the infection had spread to 12 states, leading to over 100,000 cases with a fatality rate of 10.7%.
  • In addition to the international task force, the US-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer was in Kano at the time with an antibiotic drug called Trovan, expected to potentially treat meningitis, but not yet approved for that use or for treatment of children by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Pfizer has maintained that they obtained prior verbal consent from all parents for the experiment, but those like Maryam and 29-year-old Bala Bello tell a different story.
  • ) In 1998, the license for Trovan for use by adults was withdrawn from the European Medical Agency because of concerns over serious medical problems and multiple deaths.
  • It appears results from the trial in Kano State were never published.
  • In 2007, the Nigerian federal government and Kano State government filed criminal and civil suits against Pfizer and eight other defendants, asking for $7 billion in damages.

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