Nikki Phillippi faced backlash for euthanizing the dog that bit her kid. Here's what led to her …

nikki phillippi faced backlash for euthanizing the dog that bit her kid heres what led to her social media hiatus and recent return to youtube

Sumary of Nikki Phillippi faced backlash for euthanizing the dog that bit her kid. Here's what led to her social-media hiatus and recent return to YouTube.:

  • YouTuber Nikki Phillippi and her husband, Dan Phillippi, have come under fire and into the spotlight in recent weeks after announcing on social media that they had put down their dog, Bowser, following aggressive behavior.
  • She also has an essential-oils-focused Instagram account that is currently set to private, but linked in the description of the aforementioned 2018 video.
  • ” She explicitly recommended Del Bigtree, an anti-vaccination activist and the founder of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, as her “number one source” when it comes to vaccinations.
  • “Bowser had an aggressive side that reared it’s ugly head a few times over the years… and recently he bit Logan,” Nikki wrote in the caption of an Instagram post that is currently unavailable publicly.
  • ” In a YouTube video, Phillippi said that they had attempted to find a home for Bowser, but were told after consulting with a humane society that rehoming wasn’t an option.
  • Her followers and other YouTubers criticized the decision, with some accusing the couple of “animal cruelty” and saying that they should have found another solution.
  • Liv Hagen, the manager of shelter behavior services at the Minnesota-based Animal Humane Society, told Insider that while she couldn’t comment on Phillippi’s case specifically, but that situations involving aggressive pets required nuance.
  • “If it is the case where the animal is truly unsafe — again, making that decision in consultation with experts and professionals — then maybe it is an appropriate discussion to have with the expert that you’re working with.

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