‘Now is the perfect time to be involved in space’: Edmonton physician and space scientist

now is the perfect time to be involved in space edmonton physician and space scientist

Sumary of ‘Now is the perfect time to be involved in space’: Edmonton physician and space scientist:

  • It’s been an exciting week for Dr. Shawna Pandya and her “space friends.
  • -born, Edmonton-raised physician, aquanaut and scientist-astronaut candidate has been fascinated by space travel as long as she can remember.
  • “Like a lot of kids, I wanted to be an astronaut growing up,” Pandya told Global News on Thursday.
  • Roberta Bondar became Canada’s first woman in space 25 years ago “I was tremendously inspired by Dr. Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian female astronaut in space.
  • “‘So now all I have to do is go be a physician neuroscientist astronaut and then that’s my path.
  • ‘” Story continues below And that’s what she did, earning a degree in neuroscience from the University of Alberta, studying medicine, then taking her Masters at the International Space University in France, which she describes as “real-life Star Fleet Academy.
  • ” Pandya serves as medical advisor to several space, medical and technology companies.
  • Dr. Shawna Pandya tests a next-generation Final Frontier IVA (intravehicular activity) spacesuit in microgravity during the 2018 PoSSUM parabolic flight campaign.

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