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By Eric Chao As early as January, with what we have been seeing in China, my wife and doctor Nikki and I started preparing for what was to come. Fears of contagion We started wearing masks to work, even though not many people were doing it. We also bought alcohol and other essentials. Nikki became familiar with all types of masks, and started helping neighbors find and buy...

95-year-old grandma is the oldest woman in Italy to recover from Covid-19

By JESSICA PAG-IWAYAN Since the pandemic Covid-19 started infecting people, data have shown that elderly are the most vulnerable to this disease. World Health Organization’s director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus even said that “older people are the hardest hit.” But in Italy, a 95-year-old gradma named Alma Clara Corsini set a new record as she became the oldest woman to recover from the coronavirus infection in Italy. Questa...

Why 3.5 million people want Joe Wicks to be their PE teacher

His fitness classes for kids stuck at home because of Covid-19 have made him famous with families. It’s a long way from his beginnings touting the benefits of broccoliCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageName: Joe Wicks.Age: 34. Continue reading...Want to know more on Why 3.5 million people want Joe Wicks to be their PE teacher click here go to health tips source. Health and fitness tips...

Hamish’s daughter’s cute stay home video

The Australian government may have introduced strict new measures in a bid to enforce social distancing, but it seems a cute message from a toddler might be all that’s needed to do the trick.Want to know more on Hamish’s daughter’s cute stay home video click here go to Health Tips source. Health Tips summary from Cairns Post.Author:

Baby Corona

By Jane Kingsu Cheng Filipinos can be quite attached to memorable events, whether intimate or global in scale. They can be very emotional that they end up naming children after celebrities or literary characters or Luzviminda after the three major islands of the Philippines or Yolanda after the historic typhoon. Sounds very familiar? So it isn’t a surprise that a couple has just given their newborn baby girl...

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