Paul Batura: What’s there to be thankful for on this coronavirus Thanksgiving?

Paul Batura: What’s there to be thankful for on this coronavirus Thanksgiving?

Ready or not, we are beginning Thanksgiving week — a time traditionally set aside to express our gratitude to God by gathering for feasts and fellowship with family and friends. But feasts and fellowship are being discouraged this year to guard against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic — a modern-day plague of biblical proportions.

 In the United States, over 255,000 people have died from COVID-19 at this writing, and more than 12 million people have been stricken by the coronavirus that causes the disease. Around the world, over 58 million people have been infected and more than 1.37 million people have died.     

 Many small businesses, especially restaurants, have already gone out of business or are on the verge of collapse. Millions of people are unemployed and desperately short of cash. Many schools are shuttered and providing only online learning. Sporting events have been canceled, senior citizens are staying at home almost all the time, and family vacations remain a distant fantasy.


Looking forward to the holiday trip home to see Grandma and Grandpa? Forget about it. 

Our own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), along with many governors and government officials, discourages travel and extended get-togethers.

So what’s there to be thankful for now? Woe is seemingly everywhere these days. Only a fool or delusional optimist would give thanks, right?


Rarely has an “attitude of gratitude” been more critical or appropriate than right now.…

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