Pfizer is working on a new version of its Covid vaccine that could be stored in a refrigerator


Sumary of Pfizer is working on a new version of its Covid vaccine that could be stored in a refrigerator:

  • It comes as Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech SE, plan to seek approval of the vaccine for children ages 11 and younger by September and as President Joe Biden announced children from ages 12 to 15 might be able to get vaccinated starting next week..
  • Pfizer says it has developed a new version of its coronavirus vaccine that could be stored between 36F (2C) and and 46F (8C) for up to 10 weeks..
  • Vial of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 in Seattle, January 2021 Currently, the vaccine must be kept between -112F (-80C) and ‑76F (-60C) for up to six months or from 13F (-25C) to 5F (-15C) for two weeks..
  • Freezers for storing finished Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, October 2020 Prior to the FDA granting emergency use authorization, engineers at Pfizer developed special boxes to ship the vaccine at extreme temperatures once it is approved and shipped from Kalamazoo, Michigan..
  • In an earnings call on Tuesday, Pfizer said it plans on asking the FDA for full approval this month and to ask for approval for kids ages 2 to 11 in September..
  • Caleb Chung receives the first dose of either the vaccine or placebo in a trial, December 2020 ‘If successful, we expect to have the data to support this formulation in August,’ Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said during the earnings call..
  • Firstly, Bourla announced on the earnings call that Pfizer will ask the FDA to give full approval to the vaccine rather than just emergency use authorization of people above age 16..
  • ‘Full approval is a welcome indicator of the continued safety and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine,’ Dr Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease epidemiologist at George Mason University, told The New York Times in an email…

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