Prolific Aussie sperm donor’s online ‘boast’


A man has lifted the lid on the world of private sperm donations, including how the man, once dubbed Australia’s most prolific donor, would “boast” online

Each year hundreds of Australian children are born through sperm donation, but strict regulations and costly medical processes are seeing an increasing number of women moving away from regulated clinics and into the murky world of private donation.

Private sperm donation Facebook groups, where potential donors and recipients can connect without having to go through a fertility clinic, have grown in popularity in recent years.

However, experts have warned the unregulated nature of these groups could potentially have devastating impacts on both donors and recipients, with one former group member lifting the lid on how these sperm donation pages work.

One of the issues with these private pages is there is no way to ensure whether donors are adhering to Australia’s sperm donor limits.

Under the law, a sperm donor is able to donate to up to 10 women in Victoria and South Australia.

In NSW and Western Australia these laws are even more strict, with donors only allowed to create a maximum of five families.

Other states and territories don’t have specific laws

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