Quest for bacterial cocktails to fight infections

quest for bacterial cocktails to fight infections

Sumary of Quest for bacterial cocktails to fight infections:

  • Klebsiella pneumoniae has a strong opponent The intestinal inhabitant Klebsiella pneumoniae is one of the most dreaded hospital germs, as it can cause severe pneumonia, urinary tract infections or even sepsis in weakened patients.
  • In collaboration with partners in Magdeburg and Hannover, the HZI department led by Till Strowig, was able to isolate strains of a related bacterium from the intestine that are highly effective against K. pneumoniae.
  • This species, identified as Klebsiella oxytoca, uses the same sugars as the pathogen, but it does it more efficiently so that there is not enough left for the pathogen to survive.
  • “K. oxytoca can specifically force out multiresistant K. pneumoniae bacteria because it effectively blocks the niche to be occupied by the hospital germ,” explains Strowig.
  • “First we wanted to find out how susceptible healthy adults and children are to colonisation with multi-resistant K. pneumoniae bacteria,” says lead author Lisa Osbelt to explain the study approach.
  • Studying hundreds of bacteria and other microorganisms of the microbiota for their effects is an incredibly complex undertaking — even in mice.

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