Red carpet for the dregs

red carpet for the dregs

Sumary of Red carpet for the dregs:

  • Remember the time offshore gaming firms from China, called POGOs – Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, were hailed as the savior of the local real-estate sector?
  • The compelling argument that the country of origin of the POGOs, China, outlaws the POGOs for being a menace to the broader society was hushed-hushed during deliberations on the generous tax break.
  • Ana Theresia “Risa” Hontiveros the chance to go into details on how the POGOs, outlawed in their mother country, would just unleash into our society all sorts of hucksters, criminals and con men – just a visa factory for foreign crime enterprises, the dregs of China being let loose into our midst.
  • Dire warnings of the few voices opposed to the operation of the POGOs in the country – that what is regarded as a criminal enterprise in China can only do its worst in a host country like the Philippines – was what precisely happened.
  • The Senate archives reveal criminals slipping into the country through the POGO visa structure.
  • The POGOs were breeding grounds for kidnapping groups, prostitution and money-sharking operations, among many other crimes.
  • In the pandemic era reckoning, the promise of gold from the POGOs turned out to be dross.
  • According to Hontiveros, 15 POGOs had accumulated an outstanding obligation of more than P1.3 billion.

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