Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s body language shows ‘revelation’ in marriage with Edw …

Sophie, Countess of Wessex's body language shows 'revelation' in marriage with Edward

On their wedding day, however, body language expert Judi James explained Sophie showed signs of nervousness.

Speaking to, she said: “The power and status balance shown in the body language of their wedding day appeared to mimic Charles and Diana.

“Edward looked keen to show himself as a bit of a regal charmer doing all the dominant stuff while Sophie stood beautiful and slightly shyly by his side.

“His glances at Sophie looked infused with pride but his subtler body language signals suggested some awkwardness, with the rigid and self-consciously placed right arm and the equally rigid-looking smile.”


Sophie may have appeared less comfortable than her husband at the wedding as it was one of the first times she stepped into the public eye.

She has since grown confident in her position in the Royal Family, Judi claimed.

The expert suggested there has been a notable shift in the body language of the royal and Prince Edward.

“More recent poses between the couple have been a revelation though,” she said.

Judi explained: “One of the most telling traits as a couple though appears to be the way they appear engaged and amused by one another during conversations.

“Not many long-married couples use this amount of eye contact when they’re out socialising and it suggests the pair really do enjoy one another’s company.

“Compare Edward’s congruent smiles and laughter to the performed ones on his wedding day and it does seem to suggest increased delight in Sophie’s company.

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