Surge in new COVID-19 cases forecast for Kauai County

surge in new covid 19 cases forecast for kauai county

Sumary of Surge in new COVID-19 cases forecast for Kauai County:

  • Kauai County, whose record against COVID-19 has been the best in the state, hit a record number of cases Thursday and is projected to see a further spike in the coming weeks.
  • The Garden Isle reported a high of 55 new coronavirus infections that included one visitor and 12 children.
  • ” The new cases differ from those reported by the state Department of Health, which on Thursday reported 33 cases on Kauai, which is what the Kauai District Health Office independently reported for Wednesday.
  • The Hawaii Pandemic Applied Modeling Work Group included Kauai in its latest forecast released Monday due to the larger number of COVID-19 cases.
  • Although the transmission rate is still highest on Oahu, HiPAM noted an alarming trend of higher positivity rates and lower testing rates on Kauai, and said the isle should be “very closely monitored.
  • ” Kauai is likely to see a sharp increase in the next week or so, according to HiPAM, with an upward trajectory since early July.
  • Still, out of all four major counties, Kauai is doing comparatively well, with a lower seven-day average of 39 new cases, and a positivity rate of 5.3%, according to the Health Department’s dashboard.
  • Case counts and positivity rates on Kauai still remain lower than Honolulu, Maui or Hawaii county but has been on an upward trajectory, with a 30% increase over the past 14 days.

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