Task force focuses on quality-of-life issues ‘most relevant to our AYAs’ with cancer

task force focuses on quality of life issues most relevant to our ayas with cancer

Sumary of Task force focuses on quality-of-life issues ‘most relevant to our AYAs’ with cancer:

  • November 19, 2021 4 min read Source/Disclosures Published by: Disclosures: Parsons reports a consultant role with Seagen.
  • Back to Healio Cancer in adolescents and young adults has become an important area of focus in oncology research.
  • However, few data are available on quality-of-life outcomes for patients living with cancer during this often uncertain, sometimes turbulent time.
  • “The AYA [adolescent and young adult] population has largely gotten lost within the older-adult trials vs.
  • Roth, MD, co-director of the AYA program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, said in an interview with Healio.
  • Sacco Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program for Cancer at Tufts Medical Center, showed only 20% of phase 3 clinical trials since 2007 involving AYAs with cancer included the collection of information about patients’ health-related quality of life (HRQoL) during and after treatment.
  • In response to the need for greater focus on this patient population, Roth and Parsons have established a task force devoted to facilitating the collection of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) from AYAs on the impact of cancer and its treatments on their health and HRQoL.
  • The AYA PRO Task Force, sponsored by the NCI’s Childhood Cancer Data Initiative, was introduced last year and is led by Children’s Oncology Group.

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