'Tripled in six years': Survey shows alarming rise in emotional distress among WA students

tripled in six years survey shows alarming rise in emotional distress among wa students

Sumary of 'Tripled in six years': Survey shows alarming rise in emotional distress among WA students:

  • (ABC News: Chris Gillette)It found the data reflected an increase in adolescent mental health difficulties during the last decade, “which may have been further exacerbated by COVID-19”, although the authors said this link required further investigation.
  • Approximately one-half of the student respondents reported that COVID-19 had impacted them negatively, with the other half reporting little or no impact on their daily lives.
  • The study — a partnership between the Telethon Kids Institute and the WA Departments of Health and Education — also used surveys to examine the impact of the pandemic on student, staff and parent wellbeing.
  • Professor Jonathan Carapetis says a “pretty significant” number of students indicate severe distress.
  • (Supplied)Telethon Kids Institute Director Jonathan Carapetis said the results of the surveys — conducted in June/July and October last year — were concerning.
  • “If you or anyone you know needs help:Professor Carapetis said the situation was already bad before COVID-19.”The level of young people’s distress and mental health problems was already on the rise,” he said.
  • “Pandemic’s impact difficult to quantifyThe study used the Child Health Utility Index (CHU9D) scale — a scoring method that, according to the report, has been used and validated extensively in other child wellbeing studies in Australia.
  • (ABC News: Niki Burnside)The study found rates of moderate or severe emotional distress were higher among children who reported COVID-19 had a large negative impact on their lives — 55 per cent in June/July, and 61 per cent in October.

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