Welsh first minister sees path to Christmas after firebreak success


Sumary of Welsh first minister sees path to Christmas after firebreak success:

  • Lockdown has succeeded in driving down Covid infections, and there are signs that rates have also fallen in Northern Ireland and are levelling off in Scotland and some parts of England..
  • In Merthyr Tydfil, in the south Wales valleys, where a mass testing programme begins this weekend, the rate has plunged from 770 to 250..
  • The latest results from the infection survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests the rate of increase in cases overall in the community in England is slowing and the rate of new infections has levelled off..
  • The latest findings cover 8-14 November, beginning three days after lockdown was implemented in England, meaning they are unlikely to reflect the full impact of the measures..
  • The ONS findings are based on tests carried out on randomly selected households, and hence pick up both asymptomatic and symptomatic infections..
  • A similarly mixed picture is seen in data from the team behind the Covid symptom study app, based on swabs of symptomatic users collected in the two weeks to 15 November, which suggests the R figure for England is now 1.0, meaning infection rates remain steady….

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