Why some people find it harder to be happy

why some people find it harder to be happy

Sumary of Why some people find it harder to be happy:

  • According to an influential article published in Review of General Psychology in 2005, 50% of people’s happiness is determined by their genes, 10% depends on their circumstances and 40% on “intentional activity” (mainly, whether you’re positive or not).
  • This so-called happiness pie put positive-psychology acolytes in the driving seat, allowing them to decide on their happiness trajectory.
  • ) The happiness pie was widely critiqued because it was based on assumptions about genetics that have become discredited.
  • For decades, behavioural genetics researchers carried out studies with twins and established that between 40% and 50% of the variance in their happiness was explained by genetics, which is why the percentage appeared in the happiness pie.
  • In response to the criticism about the 2005 paper, the same authors wrote a paper in 2019 that introduced a more nuanced approach on the effect of genes on happiness, which recognised the interactions between our genetics and our environment.
  • Nature and nurture Nature and nurture are not independent of each other.
  • Genes influence the behaviour that helps people choose their environment.
  • For example, extroversion passed from parents to children helps children build their friendship groups.

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