Yes, Gov. DeSantis, Studies Do Show Masks Curb Covid-19 In Schools

yes gov desantis studies do show masks curb covid 19 in schools

Sumary of Yes, Gov. DeSantis, Studies Do Show Masks Curb Covid-19 In Schools:

  • kali9/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption kali9/Getty Images When children and teachers wear masks in class, studies show it limits the spread of the coronavirus.
  • kali9/Getty Images From a political and legal standpoint, the battle over whether mask wearing should be enforced in schools is still raging.
  • But from a scientific standpoint, there’s little debate: Masks really do help curb the spread of the coronavirus in school.
  • Ron DeSantis was asked to comment on a lawsuit challenging Florida’s ban on mask mandates in school.
  • The spokesperson told NPR, “The assertion that forced-masking all children ages 2 and up has any impact on school safety vis-a-vis COVID-19 is not data-driven and is not reflective of a scientific consensus.
  • He called existing research “inconclusive” and announced a new rule that encourages schools to give parents the final word on whether their kids don masks.
  • For example, one study in Wood County, Wisconsin, last fall found that schools that required masking had a whopping 37 percent lower incidence of COVID-19 than the surrounding community.
  • Another study, conducted in Salt Lake County, Utah, last winter, found that high levels of mask wearing among students helped keep the rate of in-school spread of the coronavirus to under 1% — even as COVID-19 cases were surging in the wider community.

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