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Babies withms

Children put on more weight between the ages of five and 14 if their father suffered from anxiety after they were born.. Researchers from University College London say more work is needed to establish the reason for the possible…

New Drug Shows Promise Against Tough-to-Manage Asthma

THURSDAY, May 13, 2021 — An experimental injectable drug appears more versatile than existing medications in treating people with different forms of severe, hard-to-control asthma, clinical trial results show.. There are…

Vaping Ups Teens’ Odds for Asthma, Asthma Attacks

FRIDAY, May 14, 2021 — Though some think that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, Canadian research suggests it could raise the risk of developing asthma or having asthma attacks for teens and…

‘Invisible danger’ lurking in homes

The Climate Council warns the use of gas in homes is exposing Australian children to a higher risk of asthma, as well as driving climate change.. “Cooking with gas is estimated to be responsible for up to 12 per cent of…

COVID 19: Simple measures asthma patients can take

Asthma, a condition that constricts the airways carrying air into the lungs, can not only make it hard to breathe but can often lead to wheezing, chest tightness, breathlessness, and coughing.. The Covid pandemic has only…

Long COVID also affects children, study finds

Older children and children with allergies or asthma were found to have greater odds of having persistent symptoms even months after recovery.. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect many parts of the globe, our…

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